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Letter Name State Country Latitude/ Longitude
A Aberdeen, Saskatchewan [P0929]  
  Age 73, buried Edrans [P0934]  
  Age 87, buried Edrans [P1289]  
  Ailsa Craig, Ontario [P1201]  
  Alexander, Manitoba, Canada [P0750]  
  Alisa Craig, Ontario [P0754]  
  Arizona, Manitoba [P0921]  
  Austin, Manitoba [P1190]  
B Bedminster, Somerset, UK [P0736]  
  Berton (Helston), Manitoba [P0746]  
  Brandon [P1278]  
  Brandon, Buried at Edrans [P1027]  
  Brandon, Man, buried Neepawa, Man. [P0828]  
  Brandon, Man. Canada [P0926] Manitoba Canada  
  Brandon, Manitoba [P1364]  
  Brenenden, Kent [P1390]  
  Buried Edrans [P1392]  
C Campbell River [P1026]  
  Carberry, Man. Canada [P1274]  
  Carberry, Manitoba, Canada [P1347]  
  Clarkleigh, St James Anglican Church Cemetery [P0933]  
  Coutice, Ontario [P0770]  
  Cremated, ashed spread at Edrans [P0748]  
D Didsbury, Alberta [P1149]  
  Duncan, BC, Canada [P0745]  
E East View Lodge, Neepawa, Manitoba [P1196]  
  Edinburgh, Scotland [P1145]  
  Edrans Cemetery [P1014]  
  Edrans Cemetery (cremated) [P1372]  
  Edrans, Man, Canada [P0922]  
  Edrans, Man. Canada [P0737]  
  Edrans, Manitoba [P0734]  
  Edrans, Manitoba, Canada [P1024]  
  Edrans, Manitoba, Canada (buried) [P0825]  
  Elmwood Cemetery [P1031]  
  England [P1033]  
F Fulham Cemetery [P0831] England  
  Fulham Workhouse, London [P1151]  
G Grandview, Manitoba [P1037]  
H Heathfield Cemetery, Heathfield, Somerset [P0830]  
  Helston, Manitoba [P1025]  
  Helston, Manitoba, Canada [P0997]  
  Hillcommon, Hillfarrance, Milverton, Somerset, UK [P1152]  
  Hillcommon, Oake R.D. [P1030]  
  Hillfarrance [P1120]  
  Hillfarrance, Milverton, Somerset, UK [P1029]  
  Hillfarrance, Milverton, Somersetshire, UK [P0823]  
  Hillfarrance,Milverton, Somerset [P1288]  
  Hillside [P0930]  
  Huntsville, Ontario [P1076]  
L Liverpool, UK [P1189]  
  London, Ontario [P0939]  
M MacGregor, Man. Canada [P0931]  
  MacGregor, Manitoba, Canada [P0824]  
  Manama, Bahrain [P0994]  
  Manse of United Church, Neepawa [P1346]  
  Mount Forest, Ontario [P1013]  
  Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada/or Grey Co., Ont [P1148]  
  Musgravetown, Newfoundland, Canada [P0833]  
N Neepawa, Man. Canada [P0744]  
  Neepawa, Manitoba [P1368]  
  Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada [P1011]  
  Neepawa, Manitoba, age 84 yrs [P1022]  
  Newton Abbott, Devon [P0838]  
O Oak Point, Manitoba, Canada [P0739]  
  Oake Church, Somerset [P0995]  
  Ontario [P1374]  
  Ontario, Canada [P0755]  
  Orangeville, Manitoba, Canada [P0747]  
P Parksville, B.C. (buried Edrans) [P0749]  
  Parksville, B.C. (crem.ashes Mt.Arrowsmith [P1154]  
  Parksville, B.C. Canada [P0809]  
  Parksville, B.C., Canada [P0738]  
  Parksville, BC [P1373]  
  Parksville, BC (ashes to Edrans) [P1375]  
  Port du Cens Communal Cem.Nantes, France [P1285]  
  Portage La Prairie [P1264]  
  Portage La Prairie, Man. [P1286]  
  Portage La Prairie, Man. (buried Edrans) [P1277]  
  Portage La Prairie, Manitoba [P1363]  
  Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada [P1147]  
  Portage la Prairie, Manitoba [P1118]  
  Portishead, RSD (Saint George sub district of Bedminster) [P0953]  
  Portishead, Somerset, England [P1275]  
  Posen, Manitoba (Seamo) [P1386]  
  Posen, Manitoba, Canada [P1016]  
R R M of North Nolfolk (Pratt) [P1450]  
  R M of St Laurent [P1157]  
  RM of Coldwell [P1122]  
  RM of Posen [P1156]  
  RM of Posen (Seamo) [P0832]  
  RM of St Laurent (Seamo) [P0836]  
S Saskatoon, Saskatechewan [P0839]  
  Seamanville (later Seamo), Manitoba [P1367]  
  Seamo, Manitoba [P1351]  
  Seamo, Manitoba (Rockwood) [P1121]  
  Selkirik, Manitoba [P0751]  
  Selkirk, Manitoba [P1391]  
  Sidney, Manitoba [P1198]  
  Sidney, Manitoba, Canada [P0904]  
  St Boniface, Manitoba [P0857]  
  St James Anglican Church, Seamo (later Clarkleigh) [P1265]  
  St Laurent district, Manitoba [P0837]  
  Swift Current, Saskatchewan [P1155]  
  Switzerland [P1021]  
T Teulon, Manitoba [P1294]  
  Transcona, Manitoba [P1206]  
W W Kildonan, Manitoba [P0812]  
  Winnipeg, Manitoba [P1012]  
  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [P1191]  
  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (buried) [P1366]  
  Winnipeg, buried Elmwood Cemetery [P0932]  
  Wiveliscombe, Somerset [P1015]  
B buried Chapel Lawn, Winnipeg [P1202]  
  buried Elmwood [P1389]  
  buried Forest Lawn Cemetary, Burnaby, B.C. [P1276]  
  buried St James cemetery, Clarkleigh, Man. [P1378]