This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database, sorted by their last names. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

SurnameName Birth Death Partner Parents
  Agnes [I0114]     Edmond Seaman [I0113]  
  Mary [I0233]   1729-09-07 Edmund Seaman [I0232]  
Bicknell Edward [I0383]     Prudence Seaman [I0261]  
Blake Elizabeth [I0122]   1679-02-25 Aldred Seaman [I0118]  
Dyer Thomas [I0382]     Elizabeth Seaman [I0381]  
Gully Margaret [I0260]     Edmund Knightly Seaman [I0241]  
Hemborow Elianor [I0243]     Thomas Seaman [I0242]  
Lancaster John [I0380]     Agnes Seaman [I0120]  
Langham Eleanor [I0264]     Aldred Seaman [I0126]  
Michell Mary [I0384]   1772-03-05 Edmund Knightly Seaman [I0241]  
Moor Mary [I0110]     John Seaman [I0109]  
Northover Jane [I0121]     Aldred Seaman [I0118]  
Pratt Christopher [I0255]     Mary Seaman [I0250] , Mary Seaman [I0125]  
  William [I0253]     Elizabeth Seaman [I0245] , Elizabeth Seaman [I0124]  
Seaman Agnes [I0258]     John Winter [I0259] Edmond Seaman Agnes
  Agnes [I0120]     John Lancaster [I0380] Aldred Seaman Tacie Trowbridge
  Agnes [I0236] 1683-04-12   Samuel Watts [I0385] Edmund Seaman Mary
  Aldred [I0115]   1687-03-01 Tacie Trowbridge [I0116] Thomas Seaman Elizabeth Winter
  Aldred [I0118]   1722-07-20 Jane Northover [I0121] , Elizabeth Blake [I0122] Aldred Seaman Tacie Trowbridge
  Aldred [I0126] 1682-08-17   Eleanor Langham [I0264] Aldred Seaman Elizabeth Blake
  Anne [I0247]     Samuel Watts [I0257] Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  Anne [I0127]     Aldred Seaman Elizabeth Blake
  Charles [I0263]       Aldred Seaman Tacie Trowbridge
  Charles [I0128]   1690-06-06   Aldred Seaman Elizabeth Blake
  Edmond [I0113]     Agnes [I0114] Thomas Seaman Elizabeth Winter
  Edmund [I0234]   1722-04-24   Edmund Seaman Mary
  Edmund [I0232] 1642 1705-01-15 Mary [I0233] Edmond Seaman Agnes
  Edmund Knightly [I0241]   1790-12-10 Mary Michell [I0384] , Margaret Gully [I0260] William Seaman Elizabeth Thurston
  Eleanor [I0359]       John Seaman
  Elenor [I0246]   1687-04-22   Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  Elianor [I0249]   1702-06-09   Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  Elizabeth [I0123]   1678-09-06   Aldred Seaman Elizabeth Blake
  Elizabeth [I0381] 1648 1721 Thomas Dyer [I0382] Aldred Seaman Tacie Trowbridge
  Elizabeth [I0237]   1689-01-23   Edmund Seaman Mary
  Elizabeth [I0245]     William Pratt [I0253] Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  Elizabeth [I0124]     William Pratt [I0253] Aldred Seaman Elizabeth Blake
  Jane [I0378] 1677   Richard Slocombe [I0379] Aldred Seaman Elizabeth Blake
  Joan [I0251]     Phillip Winter [I0254] Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  John [I0377] 1651     Aldred Seaman Tacie Trowbridge
  John [I0129]   1741-07-11   Aldred Seaman Elizabeth Blake
  John [I0248]   1756-06-10 Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  John [I0109]     Mary Moor [I0110]  
  Mary [I0125]     Christopher Pratt [I0255] Aldred Seaman Elizabeth Blake
  Mary [I0250]     Christopher Pratt [I0255] Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  Prudence [I0261]     Edward Bicknell [I0383] Aldred Seaman Tacie Trowbridge
  Sarah [I0252]   1705-04-03   Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  Tacie [I0117]   1704-09-13   Aldred Seaman Tacie Trowbridge
  Thomas [I0242]   1721-05-19 Elianor Hemborow [I0243] Edmond Seaman Agnes
  Thomas [I0235]   1684-01-22   Edmund Seaman Mary
  Thomas [I0238]       Edmund Seaman Mary
  Thomas [I0244]   1762-02-26   Thomas Seaman Elianor Hemborow
  Thomas [I0111]   1641-09-09 Elizabeth Winter [I0112] John Seaman Mary Moor
  William [I0239] 1695-08-08   Elizabeth Thurston [I0240] Edmund Seaman Mary
Slocombe Richard [I0379]     Jane Seaman [I0378]  
Thurston Elizabeth [I0240]   1732-12-07 William Seaman [I0239]  
Trowbridge Tacie [I0116]   1680-02-25 Aldred Seaman [I0115]  
Watts Samuel [I0385]     Agnes Seaman [I0236]  
  Samuel [I0257]     Anne Seaman [I0247]  
Winter Elizabeth [I0112]     Thomas Seaman [I0111]  
  John [I0259]     Agnes Seaman [I0258]  
  Phillip [I0254]     Joan Seaman [I0251]