This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Seaman. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Abraham [I0323]   1740-10-12   Thomas Seaman Grace Ash
Abraham [I0557] 1841 1854   John Seaman Susanna Watts
Abraham [I0332] 1773 1843 Nancy Camplin Davies [I0333] Abraham Seaman Mary Brooks
Abraham [I0315]       John Seaman Mary Tonby
Abraham [I0328]     Mary Brooks [I0331] Thomas Seaman Grace Ash
Alonzo Thomas Abraham [I0691] 1843-06-22     Charles Seaman Elizabeth Smith
Ann [I0552] 1778 1842   Abraham Seaman Mary Brooks
Ann [I0330]       Thomas Seaman Grace Ash
Betty [I0326]   1802-05-16   Thomas Seaman Grace Ash
Betty [I0318]   1802-06-16 Thomas Webber [I0327] Thomas Seaman Joan Sloper
Charles [I0334]   1864-11-18 Elizabeth Smith [I0690] Abraham Seaman Nancy Camplin Davies
Charles [I0558] 1843     John Seaman Susanna Watts
Elizabeth [I0692]       Charles Seaman Elizabeth Smith
Joan [I0320]     James Chapman [I0321] John Seaman Elizabeth Richards
John [I0312]   1729-01-11 Mary Tonby [I0313]  
John [I0317]   1801-02-01 Elizabeth Richards [I0319] Thomas Seaman Joan Sloper
John [I0553] 1809 1888 Susanna Watts [I0554] Abraham Seaman Nancy Camplin Davies
John [I0555] 1834     John Seaman Susanna Watts
Martha [I0329]       Thomas Seaman Grace Ash
Mary [I0324]     Benjamin Waygood [I0325] Thomas Seaman Grace Ash
Sarah [I0559] 1845     John Seaman Susanna Watts
Sarah Ann [I0556] 1839 1840   John Seaman Susanna Watts
Thomas [I0314]     Joan Sloper [I0316] Grace Ash [I0322] John Seaman Mary Tonby