This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude/ Longitude
A Alcombe, Nr. Minehead [P0040]  
  Amersham, Bucks [P0220] UK  
  Ashill [P0186] UK  
  Ashpriors [P0065]  
  Auton Dowells, Milverton, Somerset [P0035]  
B Bagborough [P0061]  
  Bath, Somerset [P0081] UK  
  Bathealton [P0021] England  
  Battersea [P0006]  
  Bedminster [P0043]  
  Bower Hinton, Martock, Somerset [P0213] UK  
  Bradford [P0072]  
  Brecon [P0051] Wales  
  Bridgend, Glamorgan [P0228] Wales  
  Bridgwater [P0091]  
  Bridgwater district [P0184] England  
  Bridport, Dorset [P0048] UK  
  Bristol [P0132] England  
  Bromley [P0042]  
  Burnham on Sea [P0187]  
  Burworthy, Churchstanton, Somerset [P0215] UK  
  Buttsway, Milverton [P0037] England  
C Canton, Cardiff [P0050] Wales  
  Cardiff [P0049] Wales  
  Cardiff, Glamorganshire [P0130]  
  Cathays, Cardiff [P0131] Wales  
  Charlinch [P0138] England  
  Cirencester [P0227] England  
  Clapton, Hackney [P0017]  
  Clayhidon [P0135] England  
  Court Cottages, Milverton [P0214] UK  
D Deepmoor Cottage, Bathealton [P0101] England  
  Dover Terrace, Bath [P0207] UK  
  Dowell St, Honiton [P0098] England  
  Dunkerton [P0218] UK  
  Dutton Rd, Milverton [P0030]  
E East Glamorgan [P0226] Wales  
  Ecclesall Bierlow [P0139] England  
  Edrans [P0046] Manitoba Canada  
  Elsworthy [P0064]  
  Etaples [P0045] France  
F Fitzhead [P0080]  
G Graham Rd, Hackney [P0099] England  
H Halwood Terrace, Fulham [P0117] England  
  Heathfield [P0189] UK  
  Hemyock [P0089]  
  High St, Milverton [P0029]  
  Highbridge [P0202] UK  
  Hillcommon [P0023]  
  Hillfarrance [P0034] England  
  Hillfarrance, Somerset [P0147]  
  Honiton [P0016]  
  Honiton, Devon [P0041]  
  Houndsmore, Milverton [P0031]  
I Isle of Wight [P0224]  
K Kennington [P0053]  
  Kennington [P0012]  
  Kingston [P0004]  
  Kingston [P0062]  
L Langford [P0047]  
  Loders [P0204] UK  
  London [P0011]  
  Lower Clapton [P0013]  
M Melplash [P0205] UK  
  Middlesex [P0143] England  
  Milverton [P0019] England  
  Milverton, Somerset [P0127] UK  
  Milverton, Somerset, UK [P0126]  
N North Dorset [P0216] UK  
  Norton [P0063]  
  Nynehead [P0044]  
O Oake [P0020]  
P Pembroke Dock [P0190] Wales  
  Portishead [P0057] UK  
  Preston Bowyer [P0015]  
  Primrose Cottage, Oake [P0018] England  
  Puriton [P0090]  
R Ruishton [P0060]  
S Seamo [P0118] Manitoba Canada  
  Sedgemoor district [P0221] UK  
  Sheffield [P0148] England  
  Snow Hill, Walcot (Bath) [P0203] UK  
  Somerset [P0119] England  
  South Bucks [P0219] UK  
  South Croxton [P0007]  
  South London (various) [P0039]  
  Southwick, Sussex [P0209] UK  
  St John the Baptist, Heathfield [P0116] England  
  St Johns, Bridgwater [P0137] England  
  St Martins Hospital, Bath [P0206] UK  
  St Michaels, Milverton, Somerset, UK [P0129]  
  Surbiton [P0014]  
  Sutton Coldfield [P0174]  
T Taunton [P0058] UK  
  Taunton Deane [P0225] UK  
  The Old Workhouse, Milverton [P0033]  
  Tracebridge, Wellington [P0217] UK  
W Walcot, Bath, Somerset [P0212] UK  
  Wanstrow [P0052] Somerset  
  Wellington [P0022]  
  Wellington district [P0146]  
  Whitchurch Place, Cathays [P0177] Wales  
  Wilton [P0024]  
  Winnipeg, Canada [P0036]  
  Wiveliscombe [P0102] London  
  Wood St, Milverton [P0032]  
  Worthing, Sussex [P0210] UK  
Y Yeovil [P0059]