This page contains an index of all the sources in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a source’s title will take you to that source’s page.

1 Admiralty Records [ADM 188/199]
2 [S0095]
3 Army Service Records [S0098]
4 Audrey Seaman [S0079]
5 Birth index [S0100]
6 Bridgwater Mercury [S0071]
7 Bridgwater crew lists [S0076]
8 Calculation [S0004]
9 Census Return [S0002]
10 Census Return [S0003]
11 Census on IGI [S0073]
12 Central Hackney Sub-district Register of Births [S0055]
13 Chapple family tree [S0105]
14 Clayhidon Parish registry [S0070]
15 Daphne Seaman [S0078]
16 Death certificate [S0005]
17 Death index [S0099]
18 Ferris family tree [S0106]
19 FreeBMD [S0014]
20 FreeBMD [S0056]
21 Freereg [S0082]
22 Gravestone [S0103]
23 Hackney Register of Marriages [S0053]
24 Hillfarrance Parish Register [S0044]
25 Honiton Sub-district Register of Deaths [S0052]
26 IGI [S0077]
27 Jacquie Jones [S0041]
28 Lock family tree [S0091]
29 Marriage certificate [S0008]
30 Marriage index [S0101]
31 Mary Andrews note to Alan Seaman in 1960s [S0072]
32 Memory [S0001]
33 Milverton Parish Register [S0000]
34 Milverton Sub-district Register of Births [S0048]
35 Milverton sub-district Register of Deaths [S0051]
36 National Probate Calendar [S0092]
37 Nigel Seaman/Certificate [S0096]
38 Nigel Seaman/Verbal [S0097]
39 Passenger List [S0011]
40 Probate Index [S0080]
41 Puriton Parish Register [S0043]
42 Seaman/Gollop tree [S0102]
43 Verbal (Alan) [S0010]
44 Verbal (Eric) [S0009]
45 Verbal (Nell) [S0006]
46 Wellington Register of Marriages [S0054]
47 Will of Eliza Seaman [S0069]