This site is to document the history of the Somerset Seaman family. Members of this family lived in Devon and Somerset from the middle ages to the 19th century; towards the end of the 19th century many spread out from Somerset to Wales, London, and Canada. The information on these pages comes mostly from descendants of Thomas and Anne Seaman who married in Milverton in 1818. We don't know exactly how they were related to all the other Seamans in the West Country.

The lineages section lists the individuals in some branches of the family. Books and essays has more in-depth material on the family and individual Seamans. Original documents contains some of the source material for these histories (public domain material only).

Much of the original work behind this site was done by Alan Seaman during the 1960s. Most of the information on the Seamans of Canada comes from Jacquie Seaman Jones. The data in the family lines is generated by the genealogy programme Gramps, as are the family tree diagrams and the design of this website. Gramps is free software, like Linux or Firefox.

Most of the Seamans in the UK originated in Norfolk or Sussex and do not have a direct connections with the West Country Seamans. Many American Seamans are descended from the Seaman families of Sussex. There are several web sites for those other sections of the Seaman family. Here is a list of some of those sites: